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Construction Workers


Week 3
Objective : Learn about the company, your branch, and your sales goals.

1:1 Call  with your Manager.  Review what has been learned so far and Quiz on ESTIMATING PHASE (before executed Agreement) process. Value Prop understanding.


Review VIP form  {30min}.

Review and Learn  PRE-PRODUCTION PHASE (AFTER EXECUTED AGREEMENT) portion of the playbook.

This will cover:

A) Job folders

B) Project status tracker

C) Submittals and materials ordering

D) Billing (SOP) and

E) Work orders (WO) Take notes

Quiz to follow


Understand and successfully take the training on MISS UTILITY (submitting tickets) this is covered on page 13 of our playbook section E #3

Shadow Production Manager

Competative Analysis 
Objective – To become familiar with the competitive landscape

  • Review the competitors in the local market including Nationals, Regionals and Independents.  Identify footprint, product sold, and personnel to support building a go-to-market strategy.

  • Make a list of all competitors and do some research on each company. Know who your up against. Report findings to manager in next 1:1 (your findings will be measured for accuracy.

  • Shadow another sales member

  • Download and review Hercules Fence “Glossary of Terms” your manager will review in next 1:1 next week.

  • A quiz will be given to check knowledge level.

Start the Sales Process Converstation

• Receive direction prior to going into the field on safety, best practices with engaging decision makers on Construction, Commercial, Industrial and residential job sites. 

• Conversation with your manager to discuss the importance of having PRE-PLANNED MEETINGS AND PRE-PLANNED WEEKS.  Establish a plan to ensure you reach your pre-planning and activity goals. 

• Understand Hercules Fence experience, longevity and safety record behind all our employees and the importance of safety to Hercules Fence in house and on Job Sites. 


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