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Objective: Meet your direct supervisor

Engineers at work


  • Complete and submit your new hire paperwork. If there are questions, your local office manager will answer them. 

  • Your manager will introduce you to your new office. At that time, your will receive your hardware (laptop, phone, external hard drive, additional monitors, etc.). If/when additional office supplies are needed, discuss with your manager.  

  • Contact Amy Max ( to meet and review your the checklist sent to you via email. Amy handles leads, computer equipment, computer programs, technology issue protocol, social media, internet safety and security training.

  • Discuss Hercules safety culture with __________ our corporate Safety Director. _______ will walk you through our new employee safety orientation. If you're not already equipped with PPE, ________ will point you in the right direction. 

  • Familiarize yourself with our office, shop, and personnel by taking a tour with your manager.  

  • 1:1 meeting with your manager to discuss: 


  • This document

  • Metrics for success and the process by which you will be evaluated

  • Frequency of 1:1 meetings with your manager

  • Project flow from inception to close out 

  • Our vision, mission and core values

  • Questions, comments, concerns

  • Local office organizational chart

  • Corporate and local personnel, their responsibilities, and your interactions with them


Are you having any trouble with this?

If so, contact Amy Max 


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