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Week 2
Objective – Learn more about the company, your branch, and your goals.

Familiarize yourself with the company positions (click here to view ALL JOB DESCRIPTIONS ) and how to sell with each other (understand each others position and functionality).

Review market dynamics and key customer verticals in the fence industry.

Review sales activity expectations, sales goals, and know what you are responsible for monthly, find out what your territory is producing now so you can set some goals with your manager.

Review VIP form  {1 Hour }

Learn the comprehensive overview of Hercules Fence position within the industry, our team selling approach and competitors within the market. (Start to collaboration with everyone to preform your job role).

Value proposition review: learn with your manager what differentiates Hercules Fence in the industry and being able to articulate our value to a customer. 

Review and Learn III. ESTIMATING PHASE (before the executed Agreement) Portion of the playbook.

This will cover: 

A) Lead response

B) Project Estimating

C) Proposal follow up

D) Finalizing an agreement

E) How to “hand off” (when appropriate.) Take notes. Quiz to follow.


Start to Familiarize yourself with company CRM – Our CRM is the tool that will help you organize your activity. Take all training courses associated with our platform.  (refer to page 3)

Shadow Another sales member of the team and ask questions to understand procedure on  A,B,C,D,E in the estimating phase above. Also talk about our Value propositions and how they position them to our customers. Talk about the common challenges they face in the field every day.    

Branch Visits – Spend time (1/2 day) at each location and report back to your Manager during your next 1:1 Mtg OUT

Product Orientation
Objective – Familiarize yourself with ALL product offerings

Discuss product offerings and familiarization with your suppliers to understand application, customer usage and issues they encounter, variations in product categories (chain link, vinyl, wood)  

Click here to complete Vendor Training

Review Top product offered at your location along with the top Customers.  Learn what is normally stocked. Find out what equipment is needed to install.  

Your location is your home base, learn as much as you can about the product and what is needed to install.  Ask lots of questions. Review in manager 1:1 

Shadow INSTALL TEAM – Review the Shadow Guide during this activity to gain in-depth knowledge of the install process to be able to articulate if necessary to a customer. 

Begin Product certification training.

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