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Objective: You will be meeting with several Hercules employees. You will also be exposed to our capabilities and several processes and procedures.  While shadowing, listen, learn and ask questions. At the end of week 1, you should have a good  grasp on all checklist items discussed on  each shadow. 


Assessment: Your manager will ask you questions about capabilities, processes and procedures on Day 5 to gauge your information retention.​



• Get important Questions answered, shadow other employees and obtain your ride along schedules.


• Continue location familiarization - Meet everyone, understand their purpose and contribution to the team. Learn location layout. Your manager will help you create a schedule for you to shadow each position.


• Review (Company contacts)  Review how to obtain proper safety equipment and PPE requirements while on the job. Your manager will schedule a 30 min or longer weekly meeting with you. 

• Learn how to log on and Complete Required E-learnings? including (fill in)   

• Establish communication norms with your direct management and branch team.( i.e., prefer text, phone call, e-mail, etc.).


• Add contacts to your phone. 

• Establish communication with your sales team. An inclusive environment is promoted at Hercules.

• Ask questions about employee benefits that are unclear to you:

• Manager 1:1 meeting:  discuss expectations for you in your role, debrief, week 1  induction and cover any incomplete items or adjustment to the plan. Confirm weekly schedule with your direct manager. Anticipate 1:1 sessions every week. 

• Your manager will be creating a shadow and ride along schedule with you. Once you create this schedule be proactive and reach out to each person on the list for direction. During your ride along, review the shadow guide documents referenced,(page 5) take notes and ask plenty of questions.

• Ride along sheets need to be handed in for review and discussion every week.  You can download them here:

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