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Construction Manager


Week 4
Objective : Preparing for the field.

1:1 Call  with your Manager.  Review what has been learned so far and Quiz on Pre-Production Phase (after executed Agreement)   Review VIP form. Quiz on Pre-Production Phase – Quiz on glossary of terms and assign book to read. (estimated at 30 MIN).



This will cover:

A. Production Handoff Meeting

B. Production Day to Day

C. Client Meetings

D. Quality Control

E. Change orders

F. Work in progress

G. Billings 

H. Photographs

Take notes. Quiz to follow.


Receive any advertising material. Line cards and any other product sales material.

Talk about taking photographs on projects. 

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ON PROJECTS should be sent regularly to Amy Max in one of 2 ways:

1. Email:

2. Text Amy Max @ 516-724-2985

Shadow PURCHASING/SHOP MANAGER review procedures around sourcing and scheduling product. Order Accuracy – Review the importance of Order Accuracy and how inaccurate orders impact our operation.  ​

Sales Orientation: Sales training path introduced
Objective: Learn about Sales as it pertains to your role. 

  • Introduction to Neuberger & CO  (SANDLER)

  • Discuss with your manager what your training schedule will be. (on-line or in person)

  • Read the book FISH. 

  • Have a Salesperson role-play some of the common objections with you and get a baseline to how you would handle the situation prior to your upcoming training sessions. (video your attempt for future comparison.)

  • Shadow Sales Rep – Review the Shadow Training Guide during this activity.  Review how your fellow Salespeople approach their day and planning their weeks, use of sales tools, and both jobsite & office engagement. Take notes to remember any good habits.

  • Be prepared to discuss your upcoming sales goals and timeline to you being “field ready”

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