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Construction Workers


Week 5
Objective : Preparing for the field.

1:1 Call  with your Manager.  Review what has been learned so far and Quiz on Pre-Production Phase (after executed Agreement) Have questions for your manager prepared to discuss.

~Quiz on production Phase

~ Review roleplay video

~Collect ride along forms

~Check on book progress

~Review VIP form. 

Review and Learn POST RODUCTION PHASE (Project close out) 

This will cover:

A. Redline Drawings

B. Warranty

C. Billing retainage

D. Closing in the system

E. If HHS project

F. PM call cadence

Take notes. Quiz to follow.


Existing Customer base review


KARE model

  • Keep

  • Attain

  • Recapture

  • Expand


Talk about any “low Hanging Fruit” eceive any advertising material. Line cards and any other product sales material. 


Know how Hercules Fence recognizes an opportunity and talk about the steps to move a deal forward. 

Sales Orientation: Sales training content introduced
Objective: Learn about Sales as it pertains to your role. 

  • Sandler Sales Academy by Neuberger.Co  your training will consist of – “why have a system” – bonding and rapport – up-front contracts – PAIN – Budget –Decision – Fulfillment and post sell

  • Sandler Mastery by Neuberger.Co your training courses will be – Mastering the Sandler process

  • Pre and post homework must be completed and reviewed with your manager. Emails will be sent prior and after training with instructions to complete all homework

  • You will be asked to share what you have learned on a weekly basis from your training and demonstrate in a sales meeting. Take all training seriously and take plenty of notes to be able to preform this task.    

  • Shadow administrative and accounting team to understand what happens behind the scenes of your sale.

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