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Week 6
Objective : To make sure you are evolving your manager for any sales activity.

1:1  with your Manager. Conversations to revolve around training takeaways. Previous and upcoming week activity and any opportunities that you can take on together. 

~ Quiz on Post production

~ Review something learned from training 

~ Collect shadow forms

~ Book progress

~ Review any pre or post training homework

~ Review VIP form


Sales Pipeline build out and review. Have updates on all pending activity.

Choose a Job that you would like your manager to proactively work on with you. Choose a job with some challenges that your manager can help you navigate through.

• Your Calendar

• Day planning review

• You and your manager will review your activity

• Planned meetings, cold calls and predetermined time to prospect

Talk with your manager about how you are actively seeking out and discovering relevant opportunities to support your sales efforts. 

Training Execution & Practice
Objective: To ensure you are on track to hit your goals.

  • Practice your newly learned sales process with your manager and other peers.

  • Join industry-related groups on linked-in and enhance your networking abilities.

  • Start to learn what your “red flags” are during the sales process.

  • Have a strong understanding of all add on business and products for your company.

  • Understand your sales forecast and how to manage it. Ask for management help if needed on this task.​

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