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Week 7
Objective 1 : Make sure you are getting comfortable in the field.

• 1:1 with your Manager.

~ Review your progress with your assigned book.

~ Review how the “something learned” was received by the team.

~ Review something new learned from training.

~ Collect shadow forms, book progress, review any pre or post training homework.

~ Review VIP form.  


• Removing barriers from sales efforts. This is a time you should be able to identify anything that might be holding you back from being successful. 


• Goals and expectations will be reviewed for near future goals to hit.  Ramp up time should be coming to an end. Now is the time to discuss goals that will be impactful for both you and the company.  

•¸Motivation and inspiration:  this is important to talk about and let your manager know the best way to motivate and inspire you to be successful and hit your goals. Communication at this time should be at a high level with your manager.  

Objective 2 : Become confident in your new role.
Rate yourself on these steps. 1-10


• Know what your revenue is daily, if a manager asks.. KNOW WHERE YOU STAND FOR THE MONTH! 

• Actively solicit feedback from your manager or other colleagues: This will only make you better!

Master pre-planning techniques: Time blocking is essential at this point. Make sure you are researching your potential customer. Know as much as you can about their business to be prepared for your meetings.  

• Share your goals with others: Let your manager and coworkers know what you're trying to achieve.  

• Stick to your process: The more you try to execute the process the better you will get at it!

•  Mindset: remember, your attitude, and a positive mindset will produce positive results. Stay positive and stay in close communication with your manager. 

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