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Week 8

Objective: At this point, you should be functioning at a high level. If you find that your struggling, please let your direct manager know so they can help you prioritize and positively support your needs at this time.  

• 1:1 with your Manager.

~  Ensure book assignment is complete.

~ Review something new learned from training.

~ Collect shadow forms & review any pre or post training homework.

~ Although your 8-week induction has come to an end, please know that the management team is always available to help and answer questions.  


• Sales Manager to review your territory, training take-aways, and opportunities for future accounts. This would be a good time to review any concerns you may have.


• By this time, you should be preforming at a high level. Ensure you are executing highly productive phone blocking sessions for prospecting. Please continue to make PRE-PLANNED meetings with your customers and plan robust week activity. This will cut down on unproductive time in the field. 

• You should be proficient in company policies and procedures by your 8th week. If you feel you need more training, please let your manager know. You will be expected to be entering all customer notes in CRM and have plenty of activity entered daily.  

• Ride along will be scheduled with you every month. Your manager will be looking at your performance during a sales call (Aligning our Value to customers needs / exuding professionalism / asking for the sale / and setting next steps with the customer) Be sure to be practicing these skills daily. 


• Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Be sure to bring ANY issues to your manager and feel good about working at Hercules Fence. You are a very important piece to our company's success! Thank you! Good Luck!  

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