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Work Desk


This phase occurs before after
executed agreement.

  1. Job folders

  2. Project status tracker

  3. Submittals and Materials Ordering

  4. Billing (SOP)

  5. Work Orders 

1. Job Folder(s) 


🔸 Create folders: CLICK HERE FOR SOP & FORM:  separate for temp and permanent scopes

🔸 Fill out Contract Information Summary (CLICK HERE FOR FORM) and insert into folder

🔸 Create Project Estimating Form (CLICK HERE FOR FORM)

• Make sure you input the proper commission percentage on your estimating forms

• Make sure on the right state or temp tab.

• Temporary Fence Estimating Forms - material with tax + labor + all “OTHER” costs = total dead. Subtract your total dead from the contract value (as negotiated with the customer) and take 30% of the delta. 30% of the delta = material mark up.


• Once you input material mark up, material and mark up with tax + labor + all “OTHER” costs = new revised dead. Subtract your new revised dead from the contract value and insert that delta cost in the “Installation/Delivery Mark Up” cell.


• Revert back to the “Total Invoice” cell and that value should match your contract value. This calculation SHOULD NOT be followed for “one off” temp jobs.


• Also, values and calculations may vary depending on who we’re buying from, what & how much we’re buying and whether Hercules is doing the install / removal. 

🔸  Print and include a hardcopy of all of the below within folder: ( a few of these Amy could not locate, need help). 

Contract Information Summary

Project Estimating Form

Executed Agreement
Pre-Bid Checklist

Pre-Bid Estimate and supporting vendor quotes

Wage Scale (Wage Determination, Davis-Bacon, etc.)

Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP)/Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) and/or standard Certificate of Insurance requirements

🔸 Give to General Manger for signoff and assignment to Project Manager if Estimator only involved.

🔸General Manager gives to Administrator to input into system and provide job number.

🔸Administrator gives to Project Manager to maintain.

Project Status Tracker (click here for form):

Create and track all items in file for each project individually, including RFI’s, Change Orders, Submittals, Purchase Orders/Materials, Billings.

Submittals & Materials Ordering (click here for form):

🔸 Send Purchase Order (PO) to Vendors to begin submittal process (be clear products not to be released until Submittal Approval) – (SOP and Paper FORM-for unique PO #)

• If you need PO numbers remotely, ask Admin. 

• If you buy more material on a project from the same vendor and the material will be arriving separately or after the initial order, use a NEW PO, do not “add on” to the existing.

• Determine, with input from Production Manager(s) and Shop/Purchasing Manager, whether materials should be delivered to shop or site.  Check with Shop/Purchasing Manager prior to all material orders.  Sometimes items may be in stock internally.  

• Write onto PO if photos, etc. will be needed when materials received (for billing stored materials).

• If the project is tax exempt, make sure to send with your PO to your vendor and confirm they know NOT to add tax.  You need to confirm that our PO does not have tax with a valid quote without it with the certificate.

• Make sure to have the correct Phase (column of the estimating form) reflected in your PO and also have it correspond accurately to your estimating form.  If you have a change to a job, get the revised or C/O estimating form submitted right away.

🔸Compile information from Vendor and put under cover page 

🔸Create from CFS and put under cover page. 

🔸Send out to Client for approvals.

🔸Upon Approval only, release materials for fabrications/ordering. 

• Always check with Shop/Purchasing Manager prior to ordering.
• Create Purchase Order if not already created. 

🔸Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) – (SOP and FORM)

•Get with Corporate Safety Director for assistance/creation.

🔸AHA Library


🔸 Complete billing input on Project Folder or use Billing Sheet (FORM).

 • Check billing input against Estimating Form for amounts, categories, etc.

 • Bill as jobs are finished.  Do not wait for the cut-off date or end of month.  

🔸 Create SOV (SOP and AIA FORM or GC specific).

🔸 Stored Materials Billings

• Get Certificate of Insurance from Admin. for amount billing from SOV.
• Include Bill of Sale
• Ask Admin. to create. 
• Include photos from Shop Manager (should be included on PO when needed).

Work Order(s) (WO):
Create Work Orders (SOP and FORMS)

• Make sure to include all relevant site/contract specific information applicable to crew, including wage scale, vetting, citizen requirements, training certification requirements (OSHA, equipment, etc.).
• Include CFS material list, when appropriate. (see CFS SOP above)
• Do not include any pricing information
• Include Gate Fab Form (FORM), when appropriate.

• Included Plated Post Fab Form (FORM), when appropriate.


🔸 Create and/or include project schedule

🔸 Call in Miss Utility ticket (SOP)

For additional training on submitting tickets 

Provide Production Manager(s) with:
• Work Orders
• Project Schedule
• Labor budget (do not include in WO that crew sees)
• Wage Scale, when appropriate
• Miss Utility Ticket #

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